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43CFR Part 20 - Employee Responsibilities & Conduct

Stipend Policy and Approval Procedures Amendment (1/21/2011)
Reduction in Force (RIF) Approval Procedures and Managerial Checklist (5/29/2009)
Exit Clearance Standard Operating Procedures
     Exit Clearance Fillable Form
National Policy Memorandum, NPM-HR-09, Volunteer Services Program
Department of the Interior, Office of Civil Rights
BIA Motor Vehicle Operation Policy
Salaries & Pay Schedules
Job Category Standards
Teacher Certification Information
Department of the Interior University (DOIU)

2015 Memo -Alternate Pay Setting for Substitute Teachers at Chemawa
Indian Preference
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Ethics Guide for DOI Employees January 2009 Edition
DOI Ethics Web Page
Office of Government Ethics Web Page

 Sick Leave Bank Guidance (2015)


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BIEHR Bulletins

OIEP Human Resources Bulletin NumberTitleDate Issued
99-550-01Overtime Pay Provisions8/11/1999
00-01Premium Pay for Administratively Uncontrollable Work3/10/2000
03-01Policy Statement Regarding Adjustment of Work Schedules for Religious Observances2/13/2003
03-02Procedures for Non-Renewal of Employment Contracts for SY 2002-20032/21/2003
03-03Policy Statement Regarding Procedures for Referral on Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Inefficiency 3/6/2003
03-04Flextime/Compress Work Schedules, Core Hours and Ensuring Adequate Office Coverage3/21/2003
03-05Staffing Differential Policies & Procedures3/27/2003
03-05 AmendedStaffing Differential Policies & Procedures - Amended3/30/2004
03-06Use of the Bank of America (BOA) Charge Card5/22/2003
03-07Drug Free Workplace Policy8/20/2003
04-01Policy on Hours of Work for Travel12/31/2003
04-02Policy on Standards of Conduct12/29/2003
04-03Policy on Standards of Conduct - Acceptance of Gifts1/13/2004
04-04Policy on Standards of Conduct - Appropriation, Legislation and Lobbying1/28/2004
HR-001Guidance on Nepotism08/09/16