Bureau of Indian Education | New Mexico

New Mexico

Teacher (SPED) VA# D34N23-2016-31

T'iits'oozi'Bi'Olta Community School, (Crownpoint), Crownpoint NM

Home Living Assistant (VA# 17-D32N06-009)

Nenahnezad Community School

School Bus Driver (VA# 17-D34N10-005)

Lake Valley Navajo School

School Janitor, (VA# 17-D34N10-013)

Lake Valley Navajo School

Education Technician (Special Education) (VA# 17-D31N05-012)

Chichiltah/Jones Ranch Community School

School Janitor (VA# 17-D34N23-006)

Crownpoint Community School

Education Technician (VA# 17-D32N09-011)

Sanostee Day School

Teacher (Elementary) VA# D34N15-2016-30

(2 Positions) Pueblo Pintado Community School, Cuba, NM

Education Technician (Parent Educator)

VA# 17-D34N15-007- Pueblo Pintado Community School, Cuba, NM

School Counselor VA# D34N15-2016-29

Pueblo Pintado Community School, Cuba, NM

Substitute Teacher (VA # 17-D32N06-010)

Nenahnezad Community School

Business Technician VA# 17-D31N01-001

NM Navajo South Facility Management, Ft, Wingate, NM

Teacher (GATE) VA# D34N23-2016-27

T'iists'oozi'Bi'Olta Community School (Crownpoint), Crownpoint, NM

Teacher (Elementary) VA# D32N06-2016-25

Nenahnezad Community School, Fruitland, NM

Teacher (Language Arts) VA# D34N23-2016-26

T'iists'oozi'Bi'Olta Community School (Crownpoint), Crownpoint, NM

Teacher (Elementary)

Tohaali Community School

School Cook

Tohaali Community School

Education Specialist (Audiologist)

Special Education Related Services-CAU

Speech Language Pathologist (Supervisory)

Special Education Related Services-CAU

Various Positions

Kinteel Residential Campus, Inc.

Speech Language Pathologist (2 positions)

CAU-Special Education Related Services

Teacher (Early Childhood) (VA# 16D34N16-002)

Tse'ii'ahi' Community School (Standing Rock)

Teacher (Elementary) (VA# 16D34N16-001)

Tse'ii'ahi' Community School (Standing Rock)

Speech Language Pathologist - 3 positions

CAU - Special Education Related Services

Teacher (Elementary) - 2 positions

Ojo Encino Day School

Teacher (Special Education)

Ojo Encino Day School

Teacher (Special Education)

Tohaali Community School

Teacher/Elementary (Adult Educator-FACE)

Bread Springs Day School

Teacher-Physical Education

Na'neelzhiin Ji Olta (Torreon)

Teacher (Physical Education)

Na'neelzhiin Ji Olta (Torreon)

Occupational Therapist

CAU-Special Education Related Services

Speech Language Pathologist

CAU-Special Education Related Services- 3 positions

School Contact Information

Bureau of Indian Education operated schools:

PO Box 829
1011 Indian School Road, Suite 332
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Administrative Operations, Budget
Administrative Operations, Finance
Administrative Operations, Native American Student Info Systems
Facility Management  

Associate Deputy Director, West
PO Box 829
1011 Indian School Road, Suite 332
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Baca/Dlo’ay Azhi Community School (Grade Range: K-6)
PO Box 509
Prewitt NM 87045
505-876-2310 (fax) 

Beclabito Day School (Grade Range: K-4)
Gloria Hosteen, Business Technician
PO Box 1200
Shiprock NM 87420
928-656-3557 (fax) 

Bread Springs Day School (Grade Range: K-3)
PO Box 117
Gallup NM 87305
505-778-5692 (fax) 

Chi-Ch’il-Tah/Jones Range Community School (Grade Range: K-8)
Gloria Skeet
PO Box 278
Vanderwagon NM 87326
505-778-5575 (fax) 

Crownpoint Special Education Related Services CAU
Loretta Perry-Barbone, Business Technician
PO Box 848
Crownpoint NM 87313
505-786-6016 (fax)

Crystal Boarding School (Grade Range: K-6)
Hwy 134
Navajo NM 87328
505-777-2648 (fax)    

Deputy Director School Operations
1011 Indian School Road, Suite 332
Albuquerque NM 87104

Division of Performance and Accountability
PO Box 829
1011 Indian School Road, Suite 332
Albuquerque NM 87103
Supplemental Education Programs
Residential Education Placement Programs
Reading & Math Programs
Safe & Secure Schools & Residential Life Programs
Special Education Programs
Data Accountability Programs
Early Childhood Programs 

Human Resources Office - BIE
1011 Indian School Road, Suite 150
Albuquerque NM 87104
505-563-5305 (fax)

Isleta Elementary School (Grade Range: K-6)
PO Box 550
Isleta NM 87022
505-869-1625 (fax)   

Jemez Day School (Grade Range: K-6)
243 Day School Road
PO Box 139
Jemez Pueblo NM 87024
575-834-7081 (fax) 

Lake Valley Navajo School (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 748
Crownpoint NM 87313
505-786-5956 (fax)
For more information contact Vickie Thomas, Principal; or Bernice Etsitty, Business Technician @ 505-786-5392 or 7112

Mariano Lake Community School (Grade Range: K-6)
Rebecca Vicenti, Principal
PO Box 787
Crownpoint NM 87313
505-786-5203 (fax)

Nenahnezad Community School (Grade Range: K-6)
PO Box 337
Fruitland NM 87416
505-960-0970 (fax)  

New Mexico Navajo Central Education Line Office
Charlotte Garcia, Education Program Administrator
222 Code Talker Drive
PO Box 328
Crownpoint NM 87313
505-786-6115 (fax)

New Mexico Navajo North Education Line Office
Nuna Talk
Hwy 491, South Nataani Nez Complex, Bldg 1381
PO Box 3239
Shiprock NM 87420
505-368-3409 (fax)  

New Mexico Navajo South Education Line Office
301 West Hill Avenue Rm. 118
Gallup, NM 87301
(505) 753-1465
(505) 753-1475 (fax)

New Mexico North Education Line Office
1 Mile North of Espanola, Fairview Station
PO Box 4269
Espanola NM 87533
505-753-1475 (fax)

New Mexico South Education Line Office
1001 Indian School Road NW
Albuquerque NM 87104
505-563-3078 (fax) 

Ojo Encino Day School (Grade Range: K-8)
HCR79 Box 7
Cuba NM 87103-9701
505-731-2361 (fax)

Pueblo Pintado Community School (Grade Range: K-8)
HCR 79 Box 80
Cuba NM 87013-9600
505-655-3342 (fax)
For additional information, contact Ms. Linda Toledo @ 505-655-3341/3343 


San Felipe Pueblo Elementary School (Grade Range: K-7)
I-25N & SR313
PO Box 4343
San Felipe NM 87001
505-867-6253 (fax)


San Ildefonso Day School (Grade Range: K-6)
Route 5 Box 306 – Tunyo Po #36
Santa Fe NM 87506
505-455-2155 (fax)


Sanostee Day School (Grade Range: K-3)
Leta Hall, Business Technician  
PO Box 159
Sanostee NM 87461
505-723-2425 (fax)


Santa Clara Day School (Grade Range: K-6)
PO Box 2183
Espanola NM 87532
505-753-8866 (fax) 

Sky City Community School (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 349
Acoma NM 87304
505-552-6672 (fax)

Southwestern Indian Polytechic Institute (SIPI) (Grade Range:  Post Secondary)
9169 Coors Blvd NW
Albuquerque NM  87120
505-346-2343 (fax)  

Taos Day School (Grade Range:  K-8)
PO Drawer X
Taos NM  87571
575-758-1566 (fax)

Te Tsu Geh Oweenge Day School (Tesuque) (Grade Range:  K-6)
Abby Arquero
Route 42 Box 2
Santa Fe NM  87506
505-982-2331 (fax)

T'iists'oozi'bi'olta (Crownpoint) (Grade Range:  K-8)
PO Box 178
Crownpoint NM  87313
505-786-6163 (fax)
For additional information contact Derryl Long, Business Technician at 505-786-6160


T'siya (Zia) Day School (Grade Range:  K-8)
10000 Borrego Canyon Road
Zia Pueblo NM  87053-6006
505-867-5079 (fax) 

Tohaali Community School (Toadlena) (Grade Range:  K-8)
Jacqueline Smith, Clerk
PO Box 9857
Newcomb NM 87455
505-789-3202 (fax)

Tse'ii'ahi' Community School (Standing Rock) (Grade Range: K-4)
Navajo Route 9
PO Box 828
Crownpoint NM 87313
505-786-5389 or 5894
505-786-5635 (fax) 

Wingate Elementary School (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 1
Ft. Wingate NM 87316
505-488-6312 (fax) 

Wingate High School (Grade Range: 9-12)
Ryan Mitchell, Business Specialist
PO Box 2
Ft. Wingate NM 87316
505-488-6444 (fax)



The following schools and offices are funded by the Bureau of Indian Education, and are operated by the tribe or tribal government via a contract or grant:

Alamo Navajo School, Inc. (Grade Range: K-12)
Rosita Kelly, Director of Personnel
PO Box 907
Magdalena NM 87828
575-854-2543 Ext 1304
575-854-2545 (fax)  

Atsa' Biya' a'zh Community School (Grade Range: K-6)
PO Box 1809
Shiprock, NM 87420
505-368-2076 (fax)

Ch'ooshgai Community School Board of Education, Inc. (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 321
Tohatchi NM 87325
505-733-2743 (fax)
Edwin J. Begay, Human Resources Manager
Melissa Bitise, Human Resources Assistant

Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community Grant School
35 Road 7585 #5003
Bloomfield, NM 87413
(505) 960-0356
(505) 960-8929
Contact Person: Emmy Puente, HR Manager

Dibe Yazhi Hablti’n O’lt’a, Inc. (Borrego Pass) (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 679
Crownpoint NM 87313
505-786-5237 ext. 234
505-786-7078 (fax)

Hanaa'dli Community School (Huerfano) (Grade Range: K, Dorm: 1-12)
PO Box 639
Bloomfield NM 87413
505-327-3591 (fax)

Jicarilla Dormitory (Grade Range: 1-12)
PO Box 1009
Dulce NM 87528
505-759-3338 (fax)

Kinteel Residential Campus, Inc. (Grade Range: 9-12)
1600 Lydia Rippery Road
Aztec NM 87410
505-334-8630 (fax) 

Laguna Elementary School (Grade Range: K-5)
I-40, Exit 114
PO Box 191
Laguna NM 87026
505-552-7294 (fax)

Laguna Middle School (Grade Range: 6-8)
I-40 West, Exit 114
PO Box 268
Laguna NM 87026
505-552-6466 (fax)

Mescalero Apache School (Grade Range: K-12)
210 Central Mescalero Avenue
PO Box 230
Mescalero NM 88340
505-464-4822 (fax)

Navajo Preparatory School (Grade Range: 9-12)
Tawanna Roybal
1220 West Apache Street
Farmington NM 87401
505-326-6571 Ext 113
505-326-2155 (fax)

Na'Neelzhin Ji'Olta (Torreon Day School) (Grade Range: K-8)
Sandra Toledo
HC79 Box 9
Cuba NM 87013
505-731-2252 (fax)

Ohkay Owingeh Community School (San Juan) (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 1077
San Juan Pueblo NM 87566
505-852-4305 (fax)

Pine Hills School (Grade Range: K-12)
Route 125
PO Box 220
Pine Hills NM 87357
505-775-3241 (fax)

Santa Fe Indian School (Grade Range: 7-12)
PO Box 5340
Santa Fe NM 87502
505-989-6353 (fax)

Shiprock Northwest High School (Grade Range: 7-12)
PO Box 1809
Shiprock NM 87420
505-368-2076 (fax)

Shiprock Reservation Dormitory (Grade Range: 9-12)
PO Box 1809
Shiprock NM 87420-1809
505-368-2076 (fax) 

To'Hajiilee Community School, Inc. (Grade Range: K-12)
PO Box 3438
To'Hajiilee NM 87026
505-908-2174 or 505-908-2145
505-908-2152 (fax)