Bureau of Indian Education | South Dakota

South Dakota

Teacher (Elementary)-Primary School (VA# 17-08-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Teacher (Science)-Jr. High School (VA# 17-14-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Teacher (Social Studies)-Jr. High School (VA# 17-13-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Teacher (Physical Education)-High School (VA# 17-06-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Head Janitor (VA# 17-26-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Teacher (Industrial Arts)-High School (VA# 16-12-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Teacher (Mathematics)-High School (VA# 16-14-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Teacher (Special Education)-Jr. High School (VA# 17-11-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Business Specialist or Manager-Administration (VA# 18-02-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Teacher (Physical Education) (VA# 18-01-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

School Janitor (VA# 18-03-CEB)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School

Education Technician (SPED) (VA# 17-22-PRS)

Pine Ridge School

School Cook (VA# FIS-2017-19)

Flandreau Indian School

School Maintenance Specialist (Electrician Supervisor) (VA# FIS-2017-11)

Flandreau Indian School

Security Guard (VA# FIS-2017-15) (Intermittent)

Flandreau Indian School

School Kitchen Helper (VA# FIS-2017-20)

Flandreau Indian School

The following schools and offices are operated by the Bureau of Indian Education:

Cheyenne River Education Line Office
E Street, Girls Dorm Building #B
PO Box 2020
Eagle Butte SD 57625-2020
605-964-1155 (fax)

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School (Grade Range: K-12)
Nicole Shepherd
PO Box 672
Eagle Butte, SD 57625
605-964-8773 (fax) 

Crow Creek/Lower Brule Education Line Office
190 Oyate Circle
Lower Brule SD 57548
605-473-9217 (fax) 

Flandreau Indian School (Grade Range: 9-12)
1132 N. Crescent Street
Flandreau SD 57028
605-997-2601 (fax)
For additional information contact Belva Renville at 605-997-3773 ext 2142 or 1-800-942-1647 
STUDENT SERVICES DIRECTOR 9/23/2011- Open Until Filled
HOME LIVING ASSISTANT (11-FIS-44) 6/28/2011- Open Until Filled


Pine Ridge Education Line Office
101 Thorpe Circle
PO Box 333
Pine Ridge SD 57770
605-867-5610 (fax)

Pine Ridge School (Grade Range: K-12)
PO Box 1202
Pine Ridge SD 57770
605-867-5482 (fax)

Rosebud Education Line Office
1001 Avenue D
PO Box 669
Mission SD 57555
605-856-4487 (fax)

Tiospaye Topa School (Grade Range: K-12)
123 E. Hwy 212
PO Box 300
Ridgeview SD 57652
605-733-2299 (fax)


The following schools and offices are funded by the Bureau of Indian Education, and are operated by the tribe or tribal government via a contract or grant:

American Horse School (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 660
Allen SD 57714-0660
605-455-2249 (fax)

Crazy Horse School (Grade Range: K-12)
101 School Road
PO Box 260
Wanblee SD 57577
605-462-6510 (fax)

Crow Creek Tribal Schools - Elementary School (Grade Range: K-5)
PO Box 469
Fort Thompson SD 57339
605-245-2310 (fax)

Crow Creek Tribal Schools - Middle School (Grade Range: 6-8)
101 Crow Creek Loop
Stephan SD 57346
605-852-2541 (fax)

Crow Creek Tribal Schools - High School (Grade Range: 9-12)
101 Crow Creek Loop
Stephan SD 57346
605-852-2401 (fax) 

Enemy Swim Day School (Grade Range: K-8)
13525 446th Avenue
Waubay SD 57273
605-947-4188 (fax)

Little Wound School (Grade Range: K-12)
PO Box 500
Kyle SD 57752-0500
605-455-2340 (fax)

Loneman Day School (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 50
Oglala SD 57764
605-867-5109 (fax)

Lower Brule Day School (Grade Range: K-12)
600 Crazy Horse Street
PO Box 245
Lower Brule SD 57548
605-473-0217 (fax)

Marty Indian School (Grade K-12)
PO Box 187
Marty SD 57361
605-384-5933 (fax)

Pierre Indian Learning Center
3001 E. Sully Avenue
Pierre SD 57501-4419
605-224-8465 (fax)

Porcupine Day School (Grade Range: K-8)
100 School Drive
PO Box 180
Porcupine SD 57772
605-867-5480 (fax)
For additional information and application procedures, please contact the Human Resources Director at the school @ 605-867-5588 ext 218, or Receptionist @ 605-867-5588 ext 201.

Rock Creek Grant School (Grade Range: K-8)
1 School Street
PO Box 127
Bullhead SD 57621
605-823-4350 (fax)

Sicangu Owayawa Oti (Grade Range: 1-12)
PO Box 69
Mission SD 57555
605-856-4490 (fax)

Sitting Bull School (Little Eagle Day School) (Grade Range: K-8)
Rita Hunte
1 School Street
PO Box 26
Little Eagle SD 58639
605-823-2292 (fax)

St. Francis Indian School (Grade Range: K-12)
Bernie Kills Plenty
HCR59, Box 1A
PO Box 379
St. Francis, SD 57572
605-747-2299 X 221
605-747-2379 (fax)

Takini School (Grade Range: K-12)
Hwy 34 East Cherry Creek Road
HC77 Box 537
Howes SD 57748
605-538-4315 (fax)

Tiospa Zina Tribal School (Grade Range: K-12)
PO Box 719
Agency Village SD 57262
605-698-7766 (fax)

Wounded Knee District School (Grade Range K-8)
100 Main Street
PO Box 350
Manderson SD 57756
605-867-1219 (fax)