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Department of the Interior
Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs
Bureau of Indian Education
Human Resources Office

Jackie ShamblinJackie.shamblin@bia.govHuman Resources Officer505-563-5300
Jacque BenavidesJacqueline.benavides@bia.govAssistant Human Resources Officer505-563-5313
Sharron Kanesharron.kane@bia.govProgram Support Assistant505-563-5304
Anthony Scheleranthony.scheler@bie.eduTalent Recruiter Specialist505-563-5254
Shannon FreemanShannon.freeman@bie.eduTalent Recruiter Specialist 405.247.6670 ext. 317
Jerry Tomhave jerry.tomhave@bia.gov
Program Support Assistant


Human Resources Fax Numbers

Main Fax505-563-5305
Reserved for ER/LR505-563-5329


Employee Benefits

Audrey M. Duranaudrey.duran@bia.govSupervisory Human Resources Specialist, Benefits505-563-5451
Stephanie BlankenStephanie.blanken@bie.eduHuman Resources Specialist (Benefits)785-830-2731
Natalie Buckley natalie.buckley@bia.govHuman Resources Specialist (Benefits)505-563-5312
Irene PlateroIrene.platero@bia.govHuman Resources Assistant (Benefits)505-563-5485


Recruitment Recruitment & Placement - Title 25 Team

Audrey M. DuranAudrey.duran@bia.govSupvy Human Resources Spec (R&P)505-563-5451
vacant Human Resources Specialist (Placement)505-563-5314
Julile Silvajulie.silva@bia.govHuman Resources Specialist (Placement)505-563-5325
Matilda Shortymatilda.shorty@bia.govHuman Resources Specialist (Placement)505-563-5311
Christopher CharleyChristopher.charley@bia.govHuman Resources Specialist (Placement)505-563-5296
Antoinette JimAntoinette.jim@bia.govHuman Resources Specialist (Placement)505-563-5316
Alyssa Yeppaalyssa.yeppa@bia.govHuman Resources Specialist (Placement)505-563-5385
Amanda SandersAmanda.sanders@bie.eduHuman Resources Specialist (Placement)405-247-4193
Ladonna Sloanladonna.sloan@bie.eduHuman Resources Specialist (Placement)405-247-4162
Trecil Bearbowtrecil.bearbow@bie.eduHuman Resources Specialist (Placement)405-247-4168



 Recruitment & Placement Recruitment & Placement - Title 5 Team


Marcella HaleMarcella.hale@bia.govSupervisory Human Resources Spec (Staff/Class)505-563-5301
Kasiakin Beaumontkasiakin.beaumont@bia.govHuman Resources Specialist (Placement)505-563-5540


Employee Employee & Labor Relations

Glenn Himebaughglenn.himebaugh@bia.govSupvry Human Resources Specialist (ER/LR)505-563-5323
Jodi Tomhavejodi.tomhave@bia.govHuman Resources Specialist (ER/LR)505-563-5327
Bennett Tuchawena Human Resources Specialist (ER/LR)505-563-
Margaret Coffey-Pilcher Human Resources Assistant (ER/LR)505-563-
Amy Haury Human Resources Assistant (ER/LR)505-563-






Personnel Security

Lisa Badonielisa.badonie@bia.govSecurity Specialist505-563-5289
Aprell BigThumbaprell.bigumb@bia.govSecurity Specialist505-563-
Cassie Epaloose-Pintocasse.epaloose-pinto@bia.govSecurity Assistant505-563-5493
Sara Shoemake-Cameron Security Assistant505-563-


Who can answer my Security Questions?

Contact James Bartlett at 505-563-3782

I have an Ethics question!
The Agency Ethics Official for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education is:

Mike Adams
Acting Deputy Ethics Counselor
Bureau of Indian Affairs
email: michael.adams@bia.gov

I need my FPPS Password reset!
Call Jacque Benavides at 505-563-5313

I need help with Time & Attendance!
Here is our page full of information related to Time & Attendance.
The BIE Quicktime Master Administrator is Jacque Benavides (505-563-5313).

How do I see what jobs are currently being advertised?
Follow the link "Jobs" at the top of this page

I want to start or stop automatic union dues deductions!
Call Glenn Himebaugh at 505-563-5323

I have a question about benefits or want to request a retirement estimate!
Please send an email to Benefits@bie.edu.  

I have questions about Tribal Employers enrolling in Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program?
Call Audrey M Duran at 505-563-5451