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How to Apply

In today’s job market you must be ready to gather and organize your application materials to apply for positions that you qualify for and that would interest you. Not spending enough time to organize your application materials may mean never landing a position. Remember your complete application material is your marketing tool. An updated resume, list of references, and other required documents to be considered for employment is critical to your search for that position. Following the "how to apply" instructions on a job vacancy announcement can be lengthy, time consuming, costly, and even frustrating.

To help ease the application process for our bureau-operated schools, the list below is the most commonly requested materials for employment consideration. Keep in mind that some schools may require additional documents other than those listed below. Please contact the tribal grant or contract schools for the application process since those schools are operated by the local tribal organization. Submit your application materials directly to the BIE-operated school unless other instructions are provided.

Additional information may be found in our FAQs.

 BIE-Operated Schools Application Process

 Form Description

Optional Application for Federal Employment

Complete all sections of the application—avoid using “see resume”.

Make sure the employer’s name, address, and telephone numbers are accurate and  current.

Describe your duties and accomplishments.  To stand out from the rest of the candidates, include the projects, accomplishments, and achievements you have made in your jobs.

Sign and date your Application.


Submit a resume in place of an OF-612 Optional Application for Federal Employment

Include all the information requested from the OF-612 Optional Application for Federal Employment.

Sign and date your resume.

ReferencesList three (3) personal references and three (3) professional references.  A complete name, mailing address, and telephone numbers must be included.  Do not include written references or other written documents to serve as a reference, unless requested by the school.

BIA-4432 Form Verification Indian Preference Policy


Submit completed form if you are claiming Indian preference for employment.  The form must be completed by the appropriate official with the federally-recognized tribe where the applicant is enrolled as a member.

Preference in filling vacancies is given to qualified Indian candidates in accordance
with the Indian Preference Act of 1934
(Title 25, USC, Section 472).  Consideration
is given to non-Indian applicants (status or reinstateable) in the absence of qualified Indian Preference eligible.

College TranscriptsSubmit a copy of college transcripts; official transcripts will be required upon employment.
Teacher/Administrator CertificationSubmit a copy of the certification for teaching and/or administrative positions.

Applicant Screening Questionnaire - Indian Child Protection Requirements



Complete and submit the Applicant Screening Questionnaire. All employees of BIE are subject to a favorable background investigation.

Federal law requires character/background investigations for positions that require contact, care and control of children.  This questionnaire allows us to perform investigations and determine suitability for employment.

SF-50 Notification of Personnel
Submit a current SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action for verification or reinstatement eligibility. This applies only to current or former federal employees.
DI-1935 Background Survey (Voluntary)Complete and submit a DI-1935 Background Survey.  Although the survey is not required, we must inform you of this request to comply with federal laws.
OF-306 Declaration for Federal EmploymentComplete and submit the OF-306 Declaration for Federal Employment.
Indian Preference Notification to Applicant

Complete and submit the Indian Preference Notification to Applicants. This form applies only to non-Indian applicants.

GSA 3607 Form 

Motor Vehicle Operators License and Driving Record