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Welcome to the BIE ESSA State Plan webpage. You will find here resources related to the BIE State Plan, which is under development through 2018. Note that the BIE is on a different schedule and process than the states for its State Plan. States have already submitted their State Plans for peer review and approval to the U.S. Department of Education. The BIE will not to submit its State Plan for peer review and approval by the Department of Education, as explained below. 


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires states to develop state plans. Previously, BIE submitted a consolidated state plan pursuant to the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) Act. The BIE NCLB consolidated state plan was subsequently referenced in three inter-agency agreements between the Department of the Interior, BIE and the Department of Education. Following the passage of ESSA the BIE and the Department of Education met on December 8, 2016 to discuss whether BIE would draft and implement a new state plan pursuant to ESSA. During that meeting, Department of Education officials stated that an ESSA state plan is optional for the BIE. Following the meeting, BIE leadership determined that the BIE will develop an ESSA state plan. However, that plan will not undergo the peer review process required of states. The purpose of BIE’s state plan is to serve as a roadmap and internal guide to school improvement for BIE-funded schools.

Negotiated Rulemaking Requirement   

A unique feature of BIE’s State Plan is the ESSA requirement that directs the Secretary of the Interior, in consultation with the Secretary of Education, if so requested, to use a negotiated rulemaking process to develop regulations for implementation of the Secretary of the Interior’s obligation to define the standards, assessments, and an accountability system that will be utilized at BIE-funded schools. The regulations will be developed in a manner that considers the unique circumstances and needs of such schools and the students served by such schools.  Some parts of BIE’s State plan are affected by the outcome of negotiated rulemaking, notably the standards, assessments, and accountability system. These key sections will be added to the State Plan once negotiated rulemaking is completed.


BIE State Plan Draft

The BIE State Plan will be updated periodically. See below for the latest draft. 


Stakeholder Comments

The BIE invites stakeholders to provide input in the State Plan. Comments may be submitted via email at stateplan@bie.edu. If you prefer, you may mail a hard copy of your responses to: 



Bureau of Indian Education

U.S. Department of the Interior

1849 C Street NW, MS-3609-MIB


Listening Sessions & Webinars

A series of listening sessions and webinars will be held to provide opportunities for stakeholders to give input into the State Plan. The schedule of listening sessions and webinars is forthcoming. 




BIE State Plan PowerPoint

A BIE State Plan PowerPoint is available.                      


Approved State Plans

The approved State plans are available for review.



Every Student Succeeds Act 

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has assembled resources on the Every Student Succeeds Act(ESSA).