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Budget and Finance

The Division of Budget and Finance oversees and administers the BIE budget consisting of annual direct and supplemental appropriations, and funds transferred to BIE from the Department of Education. The Division performs fiscal monitoring, assists schools in improving funds management, and provides timely financial management analysis, reporting and recommendations to senior leaders, tribes, and program officials.

The Division provides guidance on budget, fiscal, and internal control policies, monitoring the status of obligations and expenditures to evaluate program progress and recommend adjustments for the economical use of BIE resources. The Division works closely with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Department’s budget and finance offices to incorporate planning priorities, perform data collection, and complete financial reporting duties in support of BIE mission activities.


Points of Contact:

Lawrence Palmer

Supervisory Budget Officer



Douglas Ward

Supervisory Budget Analyst, Execution and Formulation Branch



Angela Salazar

Supervisory Financial Analyst, Financial Analysis and Compliance Branch


Jake Coury

Supervisory Program Analyst




BIE Budget News and Information 

BIE Budget Justifications & Performance Information

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COVID-19 Relief Funds 2021

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