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Distance Learning

Distance Learning Teaching Tips

COVID-19 taught us many things; among those, the challenge of distance learning and tasks that require a high level of self-direction. While we miss the human connection that is cultivated in the classroom, here are some tips and resources to bridge the digital divide.

1. Find your starting point 

Determine where a student is starting in order to set an achievable growth goal. Many teachers use their school’s assessment tools to get a baseline.

2. Build a team 

A team should consist of a teacher, student and family member. Home visits (in person or virtual) are an effective way to build relational trust.

3. Touchpoints are game-changers

While content is important, creating personalized touchpoints with your students will matter.  Emails, phone calls and video messages will let students know you care about them.

 4. Simplicity is key

Design distance learning experiences that have very clear instructions and utilize  only one or two resources.


Department of Education collection of practical tips and resources 

Department of Education "Learning at Home" resources 


Other Free Distance Learning Resources 

Below is a non-comprehensive list of publishers offering free distance learning resources. On the below sites, users can learn about the specific resources available.

BIE schools are not mandated to utilize any of the below instructional materials. In this list below, educators and parents/guardians may discover the individual resources they want for a particular need.

Please note that this list is comprised of publishers who have offered their site information. The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) does endorse or specifically recommend these resources. Users should carefully conduct their own evaluation based upon their own specific local needs and the appropriateness of the resources offered.

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