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Native American Student Information System (NASIS)

The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), in partnership with Infinite Campus, collaborates on the Native American Student Information System (NASIS). NASIS is a centralized system for supporting school administrators, teacher, staff, students, parents/guardians, and Central Office staff. 

P.L. 95-561, Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, reauthorized as the “Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)”, P.L. 114-95, and the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA).  ESSA mandates BIE to collect and report on Title I, II, III, IV, VI, and X requirements. Reporting and analysis includes the Department of the Interior funds, Indian School Equalization Program, including the 15% set-aside for Special Education (SPED), Enhancement Program, and Family and Child Education Program (FACE).  34 CFR Part 76 governing state reporting requirements requires the BIE to submit their performance reports, financial reports, and any other required reports to the U.S. Department of Education system.


School directory for NASIS Login - Once redirected, please click on your specific school. 

Infinite Campus - Campus Community - Must have a NASIS user account to access.

NASIS System Administrator Designation Form – To request a new NASIS system administrator at each school. The school administrator needs to be aware of the request since they will sign off on the form.

NASIS Parent Portal Resource Guide - Provides steps for parents/guardians to access their child’s academic progress and grades, attendance, behavior, and many other features in NASIS.

BIE ISEP Reporting Documents

NASIS Training

Future NASIS trainings will be posted, please check back for updated information. 

For previous recorded trainings, log on to Campus Community.

NASIS Virtual Training Recordings - Must have BIE SharePoint Access

BIE NASIS Specialist Staff Directory 




Contact Information

Assigned ERC

Rebecca Izzo-Manymules, PhD,  
Supervisory Education Specialist 

Mobile Phone: 703-282-0328  
Office Phone: 505-563-5274 

Chief Academic Office 

Cole Bowers, NASIS Specialist


Mobile Phone: 703-282-5646 

Tribally Controlled Schools ADD:

  • Bismarck ERC Schools
  • Kyle ERC schools 
  • Nashville ERC schools 

Valarie Jones, NASIS Specialist

Mobile Phone: 703-340-7417

Navajo ADD:

  • Chinle ERC schools 
  • Crownpoint ERC schools 
  • Window Rock ERC schools
  • Albuquerque ERC schools

Susan McCabe, NASIS Specialist

Mobile Phone: 703-282-2043 

Bureau Operated Schools ADD:

  • Belcourt ERC schools 
  • Phoenix ERC schools 
  • Tuba City ERC schools 
  • Chinle ERC school  (Chilchinbeto)
  • Albuquerque ERC schools 

Sandra Poolaw, NASIS Specialist

Mobile Phone: 703-282-1936

  • Seattle ERC school (Lummi HS)
  • Shiprock ERC school (Navajo Preparatory School)
  • Flandreau ERC school (Sequoyah HS)

Katherine Renville, NASIS Specialist

Mobile Phone: 703-282-5270 

Tribally Controlled Schools ADD:

  • Minneapolis ERC schools 
  • Flandreau ERC schools 
  • Albuquerque ERC schools 
  • Pine Ridge ERC schools 

Cheryl Rodriguez, NASIS Specialist

Mobile Phone: 703-282-5932

Tribally Controlled Schools ADD:

  • Seattle ERC schools 
  • Shiprock ERC schools 
  • Albuquerque ERC schools

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