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Bureau of Indian Education Standards

For BIE students, the implementation of college and career ready standards in multiple content areas sets a foundation for even greater student success and growth. These standards establish grade-by-grade learning expectations for students in grades K-12.  Standards are not a curriculum; they are learning objectives for students and curriculum are tools/resources used to teach those objectives. 

The BIE College and Career Ready Standards establish clear, consistent and high learning goals and are more focused on preparing students for success in college and career. The continuity of standards presents an extraordinary opportunity for academic development.

College and career ready standards are designed to be relevant to the real world, allow students to master more critical-thinking and unique problem-solving skills, and to reflect the knowledge, skills and social foundations that our students need for success in both college and work.

Read our Standards

BIE College and Career Ready Standards in Math, K-12

BIE College and Career Ready Standards in English Language Arts, K-12

Next Generation Science Standards/BIE College and Career Ready Standards, K-12

English Language Proficiency Development Standards, K-12

Assessments Aligned to BIE Standards

Integrated content and assessments ensure broad access to accurate and timely student and school level information which is used for educational decision making. The use of this information also provides high quality technical assistance and professional development to school and department personnel. This also ensures that policies, procedures, and decisions support a high performing and accountable education system.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires that each Agency (State) Plan implement a set of high-quality student academic assessments in Math, Reading or English Language Arts, Science and Alternate.

BIE will test in the following grade spans for each assessment:

  • Math: Grades 3-8 and 11: Vendor - Pearson
  • Reading or English Language Arts: Grades 3-8 and 11: Vendor - Pearson
  • Science: Grades 4,7 and 10: Vendor - Unique Design Professional Solutions, Inc./Cognia
  • Alternate: As specified in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP): Vendor - Unique Design Professional Solutions, Inc./Cogni
  • English Language Proficiency for English Language Learners: Vendor - University of Wisconsin (WIDA)



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