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Schools Celebrate Public Service Recognition Week

Public Service Recognition Week

During this year's Public Service Recognition Week, many of our schools reached out to honor exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to their schools and communities. From dedicated educators to compassionate leaders, these individuals embody the spirit of service and commitment that strengthens and uplifts us all. Join us as we celebrate their remarkable efforts.


Flandreau Indian School in Flandreau, South Dakota, would like to give a big “thanks” to David Flammond, social studies teacher and acting assistant principal for Public Service Recognition Week! He's gone above and beyond to connect with the Flandreau Santee Sioux community, organizing weekly cultural events and presentations at the school. Thanks to his dedication, Flandreau students now have culturally relevant programs, outings and presentations to enrich their education. Thank you, David, for your incredible impact!

Flandreau Indian School Celebrates David Flammond


Takini School in Howes, South Dakota is celebrating Vernell Sitting Crow, a community leader, for Public Service Recognition Week! Mr. Sitting Crow exemplifies unwavering dedication to preserving Lakota culture. Through immersive student sessions on language, music traditions, and much more, he inspires countless young minds. Whether teaching or announcing athletic events, he always lends a helping hand. Thank you, Vernell, for being an invaluable asset to Takini School!

Vernell Sitting Crow - Takini School


Nenahnezad Community School in Fruitland, New Mexico, would like to thank Kaye Belin, culture and language instructor, for Public Service Recognition Week. Ms. Belin was instrumental in starting the Navajo language program and has served as acting culture teacher. Her dedication to teaching the Dine' Standards shines through her organization of multiple school and community events. Kaye's commitment to preserving and promoting Navajo culture is invaluable.

Kaye Belin - Public Service Week


Salt River Elementary School in Scottsdale, Arizona, would like to thank some important individuals making a difference in their community. 

  • Thank you, Dawn Burstyn Meyers! Ms. Meyers goes above and beyond as a music and movement teacher, emphasizing student self-worth through daily self-affirmations. Thank you, Dawn, for making every student feel valued! 
  • Thank you, Bryan McCleney, an outstanding gifted and talented education teacher. Mr. McCleney is always ready to step in and help students and staff. Known for thinking outside the box and challenging students academically, Bryan is truly one of a kind! 
  • Thank you, Hilary Richards! Ms. Richards promotes Piipaash language and culture in fun and creative ways, like hosting cultural games and encouraging family engagement through storytelling. She also leads staff trainings and records language lesson videos for families to access anytime. Her dedication over the years has been crucial in revitalizing the Piipaash language and culture in our community. Thank you, Hilary!
  • Thank you, Ipa Dutchover! Mr. Dutchover promotes O’odham and Piipaash languages and cultures across the school through song, dance, games and curriculum. From Head Start to high school, his dedication ensures that students, staff, and families honor and immerse themselves in these vital traditions. Thank you, Ipa, for nearly a decade of promoting and celebrating language and culture!
Salt River Public Service Thank you


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