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Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)

Want to print out your latest SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action? Click here for eOPF (*Remember must be on BIE/BIA intranet to access!)

What is e-OPF?

  • Replaces the paper OPF (Official Personnel Folder) with an image and data-centric employee record
  • Enables "virtual folders" to house training, payroll, performance and other data
  • Provides visibility to all transactions and personnel who have access to official files, with a complete audit trail
  • Delivers an email notification to the employee when a document is added to their eOPF
  • Assures continuity of operations and disaster recovery

The Official Personnel Folder (OPF) contains human resource records and documents related to Federal civilian employees. An OPF is created we an employee begins Federal service, and is maintained throughout an employee's career in accordance with the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulations. The electronic-OPF or eOPF is a system developed as a management solution to handle official personnel files and to simplify your access to your own OPF without having to travel to headquarters HR Office.  The eOPF system will provide secure, Web-enabled access for employees and HR staff members to view eOPF documents.  Employees will be able to view only their own OPF through this secure system.

You will be notfied by email when something has been added or removed from your eOPF.  That email will contain instructions for logging into eOPF and viewing your documents.  Click here for eOPF User Guide

Employee Express

What is Employee Express? 

Easy, secure, private. Eliminate some of the paper process to your payroll or personnel records and view your leave & earnings statements on-line quicker. Employees can change tax withholdings, update mailing address, print out W2s, start or stop TSP contributions, and during Health Benefits Open Season enroll in or make changes to their health insurance.

Click here for Employee Express

Federal Personnel/Payroll System (FPPS) 

There are new procedures for requesting FPPS UserIDs and access. You'll need to download and complete the FPPS Computer System Access Request Form below.  Make sure the applicant (user) signs in both places and their supervisor (approver) signs where indicated.  The forms are forwarded to the HR Systems Office in Anadarko OK for processing.  Instructions for faxing or emailing the form are on the form.  Once your account is set up and ready for you to use, you'll be notified by one of the Systems staff. Click here for FPPS Computer System Access Request Form (April 2011)

Click here for FPPS Web-based portal (*Remember must be on BIE/BIA intranet to access!)

Information Technology Center

Visit our Information Technology Center Page for more information 


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