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BIEHR Bulletins

OIEP Human Resources Bulletin NumberTitleDate Issued
99-550-01Overtime Pay Provisions8/11/1999
00-01Premium Pay for Administratively Uncontrollable Work3/10/2000
03-01Policy Statement Regarding Adjustment of Work Schedules for Religious Observances2/13/2003
03-02Procedures for Non-Renewal of Employment Contracts for SY 2002-20032/21/2003
03-03Policy Statement Regarding Procedures for Referral on Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Inefficiency 3/6/2003
03-04Flextime/Compress Work Schedules, Core Hours and Ensuring Adequate Office Coverage3/21/2003
03-05Staffing Differential Policies & Procedures3/27/2003
03-05 AmendedStaffing Differential Policies & Procedures - Amended3/30/2004
03-06Use of the Bank of America (BOA) Charge Card5/22/2003
03-07Drug Free Workplace Policy8/20/2003
04-01Policy on Hours of Work for Travel12/31/2003
04-02Policy on Standards of Conduct12/29/2003
04-03Policy on Standards of Conduct - Acceptance of Gifts1/13/2004
04-04Policy on Standards of Conduct - Appropriation, Legislation and Lobbying1/28/2004
HR-001Guidance on Nepotism08/09/16