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Safety and Occupational Health

Program Documents

BIE Safety Office Contacts

IA - O&M Certificate of Occupancy Guidance

Nov 18 to May 19 Safety Webinar Schedule

BIA/BIE Service Level Agreement(approved Dec. 2017)

Memo-Commitment to BIE Schools-Healthy and Safe Environments(5/3/2018)

Memo to School Administrators re Safety Bulletin Board(5/3/2018), attachments listed below:

Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) School Inspections for Fiscal Year 2019

These reports respond to the following language in the H. Rept. 115-765 - Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, Appropriations Bill, 2019 which states:

Executive Direction and Administrative Services - The recommendation includes $224,880,000 for Executive Direction and Administrative Services. The following programs are funded at the requested levels: Assistant Secretary Support; Executive Direction, (Central); Executive Direction (Regional); Administrative Services (Central); Administrative Services (Regional); and Rentals. Indian Affairs is directed to complete annual health and safety inspections of all BIE system facilities, and to publish quarterly updates on the status of such inspections.

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