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Principal Leadership Academy Assets

Principal Leadership Academy (PLA) Training 

Educational Leaders Best Practices for In-person and Virtual Learning


Safety for in-person meetings:

BIE Safety Mgmt Precautions for COVID 19 June 2022

Future: BIE PLA Training Schedule SY 22 23

Topics for the above scheduled will be posted after all Summer PLAs are completed.  Surveys provided during these sessions will be used to inform upcoming topics. 

Previous: BIE PLA Acquisitions Training August 2022

BIE PLA Summer 2022 Virtual Agenda

BIE PLA Summer 2022 In Person Agenda

PLA Summer Training Series Day 1 

Education and Accountability Session Slides and Videos   

Opening Session PPT: School Improvement 

Session 1 PPT: Addressing Chronic Absenteeism and (Supporting Graduation Rates)

Session 2 PPT: Programmatic Requirements: Leveraging plans to improve student learning

Session 3 PPT: NASIS: Reporting requirements for school leaders/ Data Summit

Session 4 PPT: Allowable Costs for Special Education: Part IV, IDEA Part B Funding

Session 5 PPT: Virtual Learning Best Practices at Chief Leschi Schools

PLA Summer Training Series Day 2

Opening Session  PPT: Learning Loss: A focus on the impact on a student's academic progress and social growth.

Session 6 PPT: STEP Initiative and eLMS

Session 7 PPT: BIE Standards, Assessments and Accountability System

Session 8 PPT: ISEP

Session 9 PPT: Culture and Language: Implementing Tribal Culture and Language Within Your School

Session 10 PPT: Social Emotional Learning (SEL): A Guide for Leaders in a Blended Environment

Additional Resources for SEL

CASEL Framework & Competencies

School Guide Essentials Guide for School Teams

SEL A Guide for Leaders in a Blended Environment

SEL Resources

Schoolwide SEL Reflection & Planning Activity

Schoolwide SEL Action Plan

Schoolwide SEL Reflection Rubric

Video Reflection Activity

Indicators of Schoolwide SEL Observation Protocol

Indicators of Schoolwide SEL

Video Reflection Activity


PLA Day 3

School Operations 

Providing a stable platform for Principals to launch into operational success!

Facilities; Safety; Property; and Environmental Management Parts I and II

Session 11 PPT: Environmental - Asbestos

Session 12 PPT: Environmental - Water Quality

Session 13 PPT: Safety

Session 14 PPT: Facilities

Session 15 PPT: Property

Session 16 PPT: Air Quality & Radon Monitoring


Indoor Quality Fact Sheet

Eye Safety

Budget & Finance; Acquisitions & Contracts; Grants Management-Parts 1 and II

Session 17 PPT: Acquisitions - COR Competency Model

Session 18 PPT: Grants Management

Session 19 PPT: Budget and Finance Overview Presentation




COR Competency Model

Grants Management - Reporting & Due Date Requirements

Added Presentations

Session Added: Man in the Maze

7/14 Session PPT additions:  BIE Environmental- Asbestos Presentation revised (1)


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